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The National Operatic & Dramatic Association


Who is NODA?
Noda was founded in 1899, to protect and advance the interests of the operatic and dramatic arts, and is the only organisation devoted exclusively to the amateur stage.

Our Society is proud to be a member of NODA, which has 2,300 societies and 2,500 individual members, whose Patron is Lord Lloyd-Webber.

The Association, centred in Peterborough, is able to advise societies on many aspects of amateur theatre and has tailor made insurance for the societies, and has its own music library. NODA encourages members to attend its Summer Schools, which consist of drama, opera, stage management, music direction and many other courses. We, ourselves, have sent members on these courses that have benefited our Society.

NODA covers the country and is divided into areas. We are part of the North Eastern region, and have to good fortune of having Mr Les Smith as our North Eastern Councillor, and Mrs Jacquie Hartley as our Local Representative. The Society has, on several occasions, been given their helpful advice.

A number of our Members, you may notice, wear Long Service Medals. These awards are worn to signify the Member's long distinguished service to the amateur stage.

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